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Resident DJ of Ultima Spiaggia, where every Tuesday a crowd of local italians and tourists bounce with his beats,
he played and travelled trough various consoles and countries.
He has been resident DJ of Pachanka Formentera and Stargate Sharm,and played in many more places alongside big DJs as: DJ Nil, Andrea T. Mendoza, DJ Ben, Alexxei ‘n Nig, Decoside and many more.
He started developing his passion for music very early, at the age of 9 he begun to study saxophone, at the age of 11 he was playing live with “Banda Mam”.
The guitar came after the sax and at the age of 16 he was performing live with his punk-rock band called “Sdepa Tds”.
Later on, at the age of 17, he discovered electronical music and fell in love for it and started producing. Now, with more than 15 years of experience, he is a very versatile DJ and producer,
with his own uplifting style and a lot of future productions that for sure will shake the dancefloors all over the world.

Here is another happy italian spinning the discs between Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab! He is the resident dj of the famous fridays @Rush, where he is known as “Sharmelfunk, the good-mood-machine!” and freelance DJ for MOS Egypt events.

He has started spinning records in Italy 1996. At the time love for Hip Hop and Funk led him to study Sound Engineering before getting professionally in contact with the music industry. Since he moved to Sharm el Sheikh in 2003, he has kept studying and producing but also djing.He is currently working on a few projects including a funky disco track with a huge vocal part featuring the great voice of Alessia Alongi!

He is definitely one of Sharm’s top Djs. Resident DJ of Ministry Of Sound @ Pacha Sharm El Sheikh, where he plays every friday night and saturday and resident DJ of Terrazzina’s famous friday beach party, where his music is widely appreciated by the local crowd.

He played alongside big DJs as: Aly and Fila, Scott Bond, Gavin Mitchell, Sander Kleinenberg, Sultan, Sarah Louise, Oliver Lang, Matthew Dekay, D-Formation, Anil Chawla and many more.

Born in a family of musicians, he fell in love for music in his very first days. He studied latin percussion and later discovered his passion for Djing.
Since then his style continuously evolved and now, being on the scene from a dozen years, he is a versatile DJ with his particular signature.

Since he was very young, he has been a serious music lover: it was very amazing and funny for him to play his own compositions over an old BONTEMPI keyboard. With his ‘powerful’ trumpet he learned all he needed to know about classical music.
In the 90’s the electronic music hit the ceiling so he dipped himself into this kind of sounds. Now he is not just a simple listener but he wants to create and produce his own sensations, share his emotions and the power of dance with other persons. Deep house is his music and his true passion. “Don’t stop your dreams” is motto and production after production he is showing us that he is truly following his dreams.

With many productions behind, this talented guy has reached a new level; his music is far beyond being just “good” but is emotional and deep.Check it out by yourself!

Ivan De Rossi

Ivan De Rossi was born in Cantanzaro in 1980,Ivan was raised in a musical environment as his father was a Dj,In the mid-’90s his passion for music gave him the desire to take up deeding,playing at festivals,parties and dancehalls such as Sasazu club in Prague,Glamor club in Rome,Cala Tarida in ibiza and many more.

He has played alongside World renewed DJS such as Vicent Vega,Maurizio Gubellini,Federico Scavo and many more.

Over the next few years he developed his technical skills and music style and became a Dj to watch out for,producing and playing Techno & House with mixed media such as CD”s laptops and midi controls to create his own individual style.

in 2005 Ivan moved to Sharm El Sheikh and quickly became a regular fixture in the local music scene,as well as playing at fashion shows including the election of Miss Geometry 2007.After years of creating a name and reputation as one of the cities most talented DJ’s he was approached by SPACE SHARM EL SHEIKH to join the resident Dj team, where actually spin the discs for weekly parties and major events.

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