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John Never Feat. Andrea Perini – Laguna Jazz [ SH74006 ] EP

Another fresh release from Sharm74 Records, this time a tune for all the deep house fans out there.
Take with us a trip into John Never and Andrea Perini’s own laguna!
A vibrant jazzy feel will accompany you during the trip.
Best served at dusk.



Oscar Bardelli – Tixe [SH74005] EP

Tixe is a crowded party on the beach!
Tixe is a fresh and tonic drink!
Tixe is the pretty girl (or boy) dancing next to you!
Tixe is pure adrenaline!
The particular innovative construction of this track makes it a perfect tool for every dancefloor!

Original track from Oscar Bardelli featuring John Never and Marco Salva remixes!

Check it out and support!!!

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